Henna Tattoos

The Balloon Brigade Henna Tattoo artists are a hit wherever they entertain. A steady hand, skilled fingers and years of practice have made The Balloon Brigade Henna Tattoo Artists busy year round at events just like yours!

What are Henna Tattoos?

A henna tattoo is made with dye from the henna plant. The tattoo is often made with a specific amount of henna powder mixed with other ingredients, such as water or tea. The paste is placed in a small piping bag and then piped on the skin.

Other techniques include a thin toothpick dipped in the dye and then drawn on the skin. It all depends on the artist and their desired method.

Watching a henna tattoo being created can be mesmerizing. 

How Long do they Last?

Usually 1-2 weeks depending on how often you shower, etc.


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