Omaha balloon decor experts at The Balloon Brigade are committed to bringing a unique, custom atmosphere. Your venue and our imagination can become a colorful wonderland of balloon amazingness. 


Poppin' Penelope and her crew can create an unforgettable landscape.  There is no limit to what Poppin' Penelope can create.

Omaha balloon decor masters The Balloon Brigade have been showcased at The North Carolina State Fair, Iowa State Fair, Lincoln Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Arizona, Iowa and all over Nebraska. Call us anytime for ideas and options.  


Take a look at these videos highlighting Penelope's incredible balloon decor skills.

Thanks for getting in touch!

Iowa State Fair

North Carolina State Fair

Tulsa State Fair

Tulsa State Fair 2018
Massive Red Balloon Arch
Giant Balloon Sea Horse
Huge Balloon Monkey Dress
Ocean Themed Balloon Arch
Big Jungle Theme Balloon Art
Blue Balloon Arch
Omaha Balloon Design
Balloon Cakes by Terri
Giant Underwater Balloon Creation
Octopus Balloon Creations
Midwest Balloon Artist
Omaha Balloon Decorator
Omaha Balloon Decorator
Minnie Mouse Hat by Teri
Omaha Balloon Decorator
Omaha Balloon Decorator
Omaha Balloon Decoration
Pie Five Balloon Decor
Creighton University Balloon Skirt by Terri