POPPIN' PENELOPE - Balloon Artist Extraordinaire 

Omaha's very own Poppin' Penelope. Balloon artist, stilt walker, magician, and all around amazing family entertainer. 

Penelope brings her talents and her fun-loving, entertaining personality to events all over the country. Fairs, festivals, parties, carnivals, weddings, divorces, and funerals.

Wherever she goes, she brings her larger-than-life personality. Penelope interacts with the crowd and provides not just balloons, but lots of laughs.

Kids of any age at parties and events of any size will be entertained and treated with the individual care and attention that only Poppin' Penelope can give.


Not your run-of-the-mill magic show, Poppin' Penelope adds her mega talent as a balloon artist to this fun for all ages performance.

Interactive and funny, she adds her unique personality and flair to this comedy, magic, balloon presentation. Family-friendly and fun, this show will wow any crowd.

Thanks for getting in touch!

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